All Australian Fresh Farm Produce

Craig Cook, owner, master butcher and primary farmer runs his Tova farm, in the Southern Highlands supplying his store premium beef cuts for dry-ageing. Craig personally sources all other produce for his stores buying from farmers he knows share his values

Junee Gold Prime Lamb

Junee Gold Prime Lamb is grown in picturesque Junee and nearby Narrandera which is on the banks of the beautiful Murrumbidgee River. When Junee process their lamb, they choose the best 20% for Craig Cook which means his lamb products have an amazing tenderness and flavour. Craig’s lambs are also aged for five or six days prior to sale which gives them their outstanding eating quality.

Byron Bay Pork

Byron Bay Pork is situated in the lush pastures of the Byron Bay hinterland and Tenterfield tablelands.

Byron Bay Pork has been in production for over 15 years, owned and operated by the pioneering Singh Family, whom have been farming the Northern Rivers since 1897. Byron Bay Pork supply guaranteed hormone and antibiotic free, prime pork cuts to specialty butchers and award winning restaurants in the Northern Rivers, Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne areas.

Rock Valley Veal
From Green Mountain, New South Wales.

Rock Valley veal is milk fed, stress free and hormone and growth stimulant free. Lush green grass, humane rearing and the care that boutique producers provide is evident in the meat that results. This is the brand that restaurants with chef’s hat awards eagerly name on their menus. It meets more stringent quality standards. You may notice that Rock Valley veal is not available at all times in our stores. We stock it in season. You and this spectacular veal deserve that care.

Game Farm

Game Farm are one of Sydney’s leading game suppliers with the most stringent quality controls. We find both their freshness and quality second to none when it comes to game and fresh poultry.

Oaks Organics

Just 400ha, only 70kms from Sydney and certified organic by the OFC. Peter and Julie Clinch’s chickens get to run around most of this abundantly green property. Being able to scratch for whatever they want is an important part of natural chicken behaviour. It keeps them healthy. Two sheepdogs watch over the chickens 24 hours a day to protect them from predators. Otherwise they do exactly what chickens would do if Peter did not own them. If you buy an Oaks Organics chicken from Craig Cook’s Prime Quality Meats on a Tuesday afternoon, chances are it only left the farm hours before. This kind of attention to freshness and quality matters to both Peter Clinch and Craig Cook.

La Ionica Chicken

In 1967, Sam and Maria Cuteri migrated to Australia from Calabria, Italy. They bought their passion for farm produce and traditional cooking with them. The poultry plant they established was innovative when they built it. It still is. It is the only plant in mainland Australia that does not use spin drying and spin chilling, and therefore does not use chlorine. Chemical free, air dried chicken is naturally pinker, tastes fresher and maintains its natural juices. La Ionica chickens roam free and are reared without hormone stimulants.

Darley Stud Wagyu

EXCLUSIVE. We now carry the worlds best grass fed Wagyu.